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About the journal

European Science Editing (ESE) is the official journal of the European Association of Science Editors (EASE). ESE is published quarterly and is peer-reviewed. The Chief Editor is Ksenija Baždarić.

Aims and scope

ESE publishes articles covering all aspects of scientific editing and publishing.  It includes research articles, meeting reports, essays and viewpoints, book and website reviews, as well as highlighting events, resources and publications of interest to members. An informative and entertaining read, it helps editors keep up to date with major issues that are relevant to them (latest issue below or in Journal archive).

ESE is published quarterly, and digital and print versions are free to all EASE members. The current paper copy is sent out by post and digital copies of current and past issues are held in the Journal Archive , the old archive of the journal is available at: ).

Past issues of the Journal (from February 2003) are made freely available 6 months after print publication. Sample copies may be requested from the Secretary.


ESE is indexed in Scopus and in other databases.


Latest issue: 44(2) May 2018



26 – 27

Original articles

Different aspects of scientific misconduct among Iranian academic members

Maryam Saberi-Karimian, Reza Afshari, Sara Movahhed, Fateme Amiri, Fateme Keykhaee, Fariba Mohajer, Mansooreh Noormandipour, Ameneh Lamsehchi, Mona Nasiri, Bahareh Barkhidarian, Abdolreza Norouzy


28 – 31


The growing dilemma of peer review: a three-generation viewpoint

Victor Virlogeux, Christian Trépo, Pierre Pradat

32 – 34


35 – 36

Reports of meetings



Book reviews


This Site I Like


EASE-Forum Digest

41 – 43

News Notes

News notes

John Hilton

44 – 45

The Editor’s Bookshelf

The editor’s bookshelf

Anna Maria Rossi

46 – 47